About Maths AfriQue

Maths AfriQue is an organization focused on reducing to the barest minimum the rate of failure in STEM, especially Mathematics, in Africa and inversely increasing the level of innovation. We achieve this through:

  • Our innovative Mathematics programs for students, schools and organizations
  • Training’s for both administrators and STEM teachers
  • Training and improving the teaching skills of Mathematics tutors
  • Specialized Mathematics tutoring in indigenous languages for students who do not understand Mathematics in Pure English language
  • Research and partnerships with individuals, schools, organizations (both local and international) and government
  • The recruitment and provision of skilled and trained Mathematics tutors for schools and organizations

Why choose us

  1. Professionalism: We adhere strictly to formal work ethics and responsibilities while carrying out our duties.
  2. Affordability: Our services are packaged in an affordable and cost-friendly manner for individuals and organizations.
  3. Timeliness: We have the rare quality of being in-time for classes and executing projects in a timely manner.
  4. Result-oriented: As an organization, we strive to understand and meet the needs of our clients.
  5. Passion-driven: Our team is made up of trained Mathematicians who love, understand and value the essence of Mathematics in the lives of other people.


Our Advisers

Cynthia Adaeze Chinule is  the Director of Maths AfriQue International. She holds a first class degree in Mathematics and also was best graduating from her department in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, 2013. In the summer of 2017, she worked as a Senior staff and grade supervisor at the Math Corps program of the Wayne State University Michigan, USA. She has been part of various conferences and has received  training’s with regards the teaching of Mathematics. Cynthia has won various national and international youth awards  for her ingenuity; such as the Future Africa Leaders Award, the American-Nigerian Partnership Award (through CYFI fellowship) and was nominated for the Future Africa Prize in Education in 2015. She is currently the Country co-ordinator of the Center of Excellence in Mathematics (CEMATHS). She is the author of  ‘Academics Without Tears’ and founder of the NGO; Productive Education and Effective Leadership (PEEL) Initiative. She is very passionate about the teaching and learning of Mathematics and floods the media with English, Igbo and Pidgin versions of Mathematics teaching videos with thousands of viewership from around the world.


Bryte Chinule is a Physicist turned entrepreneur. He is the Co-founder and Head of Ideation at Idea RepubliQue; a business development firm that adds value to individuals and organizations, by developing and deploying innovative ideas and strategies applicable in solving social and corporate problems. With Certifications in Entrepreneurial Strategic Management and Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies, Bryte is a fellow of the African Management Initiative (AMI), Bank of Industry Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (BOI YES-P), HIVE Africa, Inspire Africa and others. He leads corporate training sessions for multinationals in Corporate Effectiveness, Team Dynamics, Creativity and Innovation. He is on the board to ensure our team is effective, innovative and creative in achieving the Maths Afrique vision.


Johnson Abbaly is the Chief Executive Officer for Achievers Consortium, a well known Leadership Coach, Thought Leader and a Consultant to Small and Large Corporations. He is the founder of the Agenda2040 movement and he ensures that Maths AfriQue delivers One Million children who love and are passionate about Mathematics by 2040 [#A2040]